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We are a team of passionate volunteers committed to providing exceptional service and support to our clients.


806 S. Pacific HWY, UNIT D, Talent, Oregon, 97540

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Joining is simple! Visit our website to sign up for updates, access our resources, and participate in community activities. Everyone is welcome to contribute to our cause.

It’s a comprehensive online database featuring locally adapted, open-pollinated, organic, heirloom, native, and landrace seeds from around the world, intended to promote biodiversity and sustainable agriculture.

Yes, we welcome contributions from individuals and organizations. Please contact us through our website for guidelines on how to share your seeds with the global community.

Our Seed Exchange allows members to swap seeds with others. It’s designed to facilitate the sharing of diverse, quality seeds to encourage local growing and biodiversity.

Absolutely! We offer a variety of resources, including guides on starting your garden, workshops on regenerative agriculture, and tips for small-scale growing and permaculture practices.

Supporting pollinators is integral to our mission. We provide information on pollinator-friendly plants, creating habitats, and other actions you can take to protect and nurture pollinator populations in your area.